Project Concepts

1.”Readathon Save Water project”- City of Windhoek Background

Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia is in dire need due to the climate change and the subsequent drought experienced all over the country.  The prevalent climatic conditions call for a more intensified and integrated collaborative problem solving approach to the challenge. The City of Windhoek implemented various intervention measures to address the problem that particularly focused among others on the responsible use of the available water. The City of Windhoek, Ministry of Education Arts and Culture through the SMART partnership initiative collaborated with NUST to find innovative ways to save water in Windhoek through reading initiative.

The challenge faced by the city stated above lead to the formation of the Multi-disciplinary Students Research Team to assist in finding innovative ways to deal with the challenge. Several meetings and students induction information sessions were conducted and the project concept was crafted.

Project concept
Research on the current use of water and find innovative ways to save water and promote it through reading and communication in Windhoek.

Students roles in the project:

  • Find creative and innovative ways to save water through messaging
  • Research and develop/strategies the innovative ways
  • Take responsibility for learning while on the project
  • Make an active contribution to the project
  • Communicate to core-audience and lead/guide the project
  • Develop a portfolio of evidence

2nd and 3rd year students from the following fields of study can participate in the project:
Bachelor of Marketing
Bachelor of Economics
Bachelor of Mathematics & Statistics
Bachelor Economics
Bachelor Engineering Civil: Urban
Bachelor Water Engineering


2. “Research on Lifestyle Segmentation Marketing in Namibia” – Adforce

Company background
Adforce Namibia was formed in the year 2000 and is currently Adforce is located in Windhoek, Namibia in 142 Jan Jonker Rd, Ausspannplatz. In May 2013, Adforce formed a strategic partnership with the Publicis Africa Group. Publicis Africa Group is part of the Publicis Group, which is the 3rd largest multi-national advertising and Public Relations Company. The Publicis Group is present in 108 countries across 5 continents and offers local and international advertising, media, brand consulting, design, PR/ Corporate communication, direct marketing, digital and other services. The Publicis Group manages a portfolio of global market leaders comprising of some global advertising networks that include Publicis, Saatchi & Saatchi and Leo Burnett.

Adforce Namibia specialises in total marketing communications for products, services, brands and a series of development communication issues.  Adforce Namibia is the full service advertising agency that formulated some of the most definitive creative marketing solutions for brands in Namibia. They operate on a simple ideology: “Create mould breaking communications that are grounded in sound strategy, informed by in-depth knowledge, and guided by profound insights that deliver measurable effectiveness.”
Their services include:

  • Solving business/communication challenges with creative thinking.
  • Discovering new marketing opportunities for our clients.
  • Developing and executing strategic, above the edge communication
  • Health and Development Communication.

Project concept
The project required students to conduct research on Lifestyle Segmentation Marketing. This project is an expansion of the research previously conducted within the Multi-Disciplinary Students Research Team (SRDT) between 2012 – 2014. The research was conducted in the Windhoek region.  Windhoek is the capital city of Namibia with a population of 325 858 million. The survey will be extended to a 14 regions in Namibia.

 2nd and 3rd year students from the following fields of study can participate in the project:
Bachelor of Marketing
Bachelor of Economics
Bachelor of Mathematics & Statistics


3. “Investigating the properties/ingredients (alcohol content) in Tombo and its impact in terms of social and psychological effect in the community” – Hospice of Hope (NGO)

Hospice of Hope is a non-profit organisation established in 2008 to render service to the Namibian community. HoH is involved in community activism by providing means of counselling, mentoring and have a drive to involve an educated youth in awareness initiatives with regards to social economic issues and challenges faced by the youth.  Hospice of Hope is situated in Soweto Katutura, Gelykenis Street

Project concept

HoH founder and Director Ms Rukia Kassa, is confronted daily with social economic challenges in the Soweto community in Katutura where she lives and serves. She suspects most of the issues prevail as a result of people consuming the local brewed drink called “Tombo”. She felt there is a problem in her community which needs immediate attention. Given the service that she offers to the community, she identified the need for social care and support to the affected people in order to do away with the consumption of the substance.

Therefore, she recommended that research needs to be done to inform her next step in finding ways to assist the community. It was from this background that she approached the Cooperative Education Unit (CEU) to assist her through the involvement students and academics to “investigate the properties/ingredients (alcohol content) in Tombo and its impact in terms of social and psychological effect in the community”.

CEU identified this as an opportunity to involve students from different disciplines to work on a Multi-disciplinary Student Research and Development Team as part of a problem- and project- based learning project. Should the project deliverables allow students to cover their areas of study and learning outcomes, as per WIL curriculum, they can earn credits and this can be considered as WIL.

2nd and 3rd year students from the following fields of studies to be considered:
Bachelor of Environmental Health Sciences
Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences
Bachelor of Mathematics and Statistics
Bachelor of Marketing
Bachelor of Communication
Bachelor of Economics
Bachelor of Journalism and Media


4. “Develop an application for the NBC TV decoder” - Classified Advertisements Edition company (TVCASE)

Television Classified Advertisements Edition Company is a Namibian owned company specialising in the advertising of classifieds adverts, interactive television and software development. The company, together with Kudus Technology was contracted by the Namibia Broadcasting Cooperation to develop an application for the NBC TV decoder for improvement in service delivery and to be able to reach out to communities in rural areas all around the country where NBC TV services are available. Furthermore, the application will include content for educational purposes, as well for the students living in rural areas. 

2nd year and 3rd year students from the following fields of studies can be considered:
Bachelor of English
Bachelor of Communication
Bachelor of Marketing
Bachelor of Informatics