MSRT – Multi-Disciplinary Student Research Team

We are the link and the bridge between education, industry and the students.

Facilitating matches for students seeking 'hands-on' industry work experience and organisations and employers seeking eager, entrepreneurially inclined students to work for and with them. 

Project Objectives:
The MSRT Project focuses on improving higher education in developing countries; ensuring graduates meet the requirements of the job market, contribute to economic development and counteract the lack of work readiness that has been experienced.

Through university-enterprise-cooperation projects with the participation of German and Namibian industry are able to benchmark international best practice. Local companies like Olthaver & List and Adforce  gives students the ‘hands-on’ experience that all employers demand from their potential employees thereby contributing to the relevance of work integrated learning being promoted and the process of turning knowledge into skills becomes a reality.
Students will gain a significant ‘competitive advantage’ over their peers in taking part in this project because it will give them ‘real-world’ experiences in an actual working environment, boosting their CV and chances in the very competitive job market.

Who is the MSRT aimed at:

  • Students – They will be the ones working on the projects assigned by  the industry  partners
  • Industry partners – Offer an interesting, challenging environment for the students to apply and develop their skill-set in a ‘real-world’ working environment
  • Academic institutions (Namibia University of Science and Technology and Wismar University) – Deliver the motivated and eager students with all the theoretical knowledge they need to now gain the vital practical experience with the industry partners
  • Sponsors – Organisations willing to help fund this essential programme aimed at enhancing the employability of graduates in developing countries supporting their Human Resources Development Plans and ensuring skills to contribute to a better socio-economic future.

MSRT Logos

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