CEU provide the following workshops

Pre-WIL Work readiness Employability Improvement Programme

Pre-WIL Employability Improvement workshops are facilitated bi-monthly for the undergraduate’s students eligible for Work Integrated Learning with the purpose of preparing them before they enter the workplace.

For more information on these workshops visit the EIP calendar for the schedules.

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B360 Career Starter Week

The Career Starter week initiative was kick-started by CEU in 2016 in collaboration with B360 experts and the Human Resources department at NUST. It provided students with an opportunity to be prepared by experienced local and international industry experts in their field of study. Sharing career development best practices and workplace preparation through practical vocational tools such as games, role-plays, case study applications and concluding with Pre-WIL preparedness orientation.

The workshop is scheduled for five consecutive days.  For more details about the content of the workshop click the button below. The workshop is scheduled bi-annually in collaboration with International relations department, B360 Education Partnership and local industry experts.

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Mentorship workshop

The Cooperative Education Unit (CEU) at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) in collaboration with the B360 partnership offer a Creating Mentoring Impact Workshop for the WIL Workplace mentors bi–annually.  The workshop is crucial to benefit the workplace mentors from the discussions and sharing of best practices in coaching and mentoring students at the workplace. Click here to view the workshop photos and videos. Some of the topics covered during the workshop:

  • Get an overview of relevant aspects of the NUST WIL course
  • Learn about best practices in coaching at the workplace to create mentoring impact
  • WIL - Mentoring expectations, best practices and tools utilised in department
  • Exercise coaching techniques, applying to the individual mentoring situation

Internship Adverts

The Namibia University of Science and Technology is highly reputable for providing career oriented programmes. CEU has the mandate of linking industry, government and community to NUST to coordinate and source internship/ work integrated learning opportunities and responsible for facilitating Pre-WIL work readiness programme to prepare students for the job market.

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Industry Partners


The Cooperative Education Unit (CEU) core mandate is the development of cooperation between the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST), industry, commerce, the public sector and communities to enhance learning, which includes work-based and service learning, liaison with industry, partnerships, research, development, and the formation of advisory committees. It therefore forms an integral part of the curriculum development & implementation along with informing the teaching and learning strategy of NUST.

We hereby invite industry, community and all interested parties to partner with NUST and join us in enhancing student’s employability for the development of the Namibian economy by enhancing higher education through cooperative education.

Contact us to arrange an information session with your management team to introduce you to our function and to discuss to discuss possible area of collaboration, internship needs and mentorship & advisory capacity.